Hand washing

Hand washing – something so simple can make a difference and save lives. In this season of cold and flu, washing your hands is a simple act can help protect you and others. Working with surgeons – we know our surgeons wash their hands a lot. The art of washing hands for surgeons started in 1867 following the publication of an article written by Joseph Lister. Dr. Lister wrote about the use of carbolic acid to clean dressings, incisions and instruments. He also wrote that wearing clean gloves and washing his hands before and after a surgery kept new germs from being introduced to the surgical field. Before that time bed linen, lab coats and surgical tools were not washed after each use but only cleaned prior to being put away. I cannot image that today!
The CDC notes there are five steps to hand washing: Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse and Dry. Remember to use soap and water when you can and wash your hands for twenty seconds – or hum/sing Happy Birthday twice! If you do not have soap and running water – you can use sanitizers remembering that the hand sanitizers do not kill all germs. Stay well during this crazy season and remember to

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